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At Aircraft Electrical Components / Nevada Repair Center, we are always increasing our capabilities to overhaul more parts. Some of our newer capabilities are listed below.

New Overhaul Capabilities

+ Emergency Service Units
S1818502-02, S1819502-02, S1820502-01, S1820502-02, S1821502-01, S1821502-02, S1822502-01, S1822502-02, S1823502-01, S1823502-02, S1823502-03, S1823502-05, S1824502-01, S1824502-02, S1826502-02.

+ Brake Temperature Monitoring Unit (AirBus)
P/N 35-1H5-1002 (318 -321 A/C), P/N LA2H60300HM0100 (330 -340 A/C)

+ Lavatory Hot Water Heater
P/N 24E507040G01, (G02, G03, G04, G05)